About Us

We help your company make money with interactive advertising and consumer monetization strategies.
• Recruitment of Interactive Personnel
• Content Consulting
• Strategic Guidance on Content Development
• On-Site Content Management Training
• Content Strategy and Research
• Site Design and Search Engine Optimization
We are able to develop revenue-generating programs to assist you in monetizing your digital division. We also provide sales training to your staff on how prospect and sell new media in a manner that compliments your traditional revenue streams.
• Revenue Generating Programs
• Revenue Stream Strategy
• Sales Training and Tutorials
• Turnkey Sales Promotions
• Sales Support Hotline
We will construct a technology blueprint that encompasses the technological roll-out of your site(s) that positions you strongly on the web while poising you for future entry into new technologies such as mobile media.
• Technology Blueprint
• Streaming Technology
• Media Player Design
• Site Design and Hosting
• 24-7 Accessibility and Support