OBGYN website case study

We’re quite pleased with the business website we’re reviewing in today’s case study. It is a local OBGYN from Bloomington, IL called Advanced Women’s Healthcare. They had a new website build right around about a year ago in an attempt to get more customers from the internet.

The first thing you see when you visit the AWHC website is a big header featuring a welcoming image of the office, the name of the business and the service providers. Scroll down past the fold and you get a description of the values of the company and two paragraphs about the head doctor. There are also some great pictures of him, the provides and the office on the front page that really paint a good picture of the business.

The footer of the website has pretty much all of the necessary and useful stuff you would want and expect to find. There is the phone number, an address, hours, a map, and links to all of the different common pages of the website.

As far as websites for obstetricians and gynecologists go, this is pretty much what we consider high quality. It is extremely welcoming, has all of the content/information a potential patient would need, is mobile-friendly and easy to navigate.

You can tell they the site is optimized relatively well for search engines as well. We can see OBGYN in the H1 and page titles. There is also a decent amount of keywords such as obstetrician and gynecologist in the page content.