Truck equipment website evaluation has been wheeling and dealing truck and trailer equipment for many years now. They are an online retailer that offer products such as lift gates, snow plows, small engine parts, electric bikes and more. We’re going to take a look at some of the spots where we think they could improve on their website. Some areas where there could be improvement: design, navigation, content, consistency.

As far as design goes, the website is pretty bare bones. It is mostly just large amounts of white space with a medium blue navigation bar, link text and logo. It isn’t exactly unattractive to the eye, but it definitely won’t be drawing anyone in either. It’s somewhat bland and may impact the brand negatively. A website with lackluster design can deter potential customers.

The functionality and navigation system of the QTE website isn’t bad either. It could use a bit of improvement, however. For example, on the liftgate pages each of the brand pages is basically a useless, low content page that further directs you to liftgates. They could solidify the product feed pages and the lift gate brand pages to make the navigation better for the user. Other than that, the sidebar navigation menu works very well. It is quick, clear and easy to sift through.

Someof the site is a bite sparse on content. Online retailers don’t need to be content heavy by any means but we think some of their main product pages such as snow plows or lift gates could use a few hundred more words to fill it out a bit.

Lastly, consistency. There are a bunch of random relatively minor inconsistencies that we may just be nitpicking, but were noticed. For example, with the liftgate brand pages earlier, not all of the products have that extra page in between. Some do, some dont. Some pages have meta descriptions and a more filled out product description and some have nothing at all.