Lakewood Family Dental Case study

Lakewood Family Dental is a small dental business with three locations in Bloomington, Lafayette and Fort Wayne. Having multiple locations can be difficult to manage especially in terms of web presence. It’s not always clear whether the best option is one website for all of them or a website for each location individually. Then there’s the hassle of having to try to build your digital marketing for each.

Lakewood Family Dental currently has one website that encompasses information for all three locations. One of the benefits of this are you only have to build authority on one domain. A disadvantage is that for local search, Google may get confused and only one location will get good results. The best thing to do for a single website with multiple locations is have an individual page dedicated to each location and make them easy to get navigated to. They do have this but the location pages aren’t filled. This is the dentist Fort Wayne, IN page and this is the dentist Lafatette, IN page. Adding more content to these pages would be a good idea. Since both the Lafayette and Fort Wayne locations are both relatively new and both in pretty competitive industry in competitive areas, it is an uphill battle to gain strong digital presence but it can definitely be done with hard work and given some time.

One thing we notice is that the homepage is severely lacking in content. Having some good content about Lakewood as a dentist office, their values and services would be a big help to the site for both crawlers and visitors. Since all of their locations are all under one domain, getting strong authority to the domain would go a long way as well. These are our recommendations from what we have evaluated of Lakewood Family Dental.