Springfield Modern Dental case study

Another day another dentist! In this post, we’re going to take a look at Springfield, IL’s Modern Dental! Competing online for dentists can be tough. It’s a difficult niche to rank for with all of the competition. Springfield Modern Dental has seen great results for long periods of time from their internet marketing.

Modern Dental definitely has a well-rounded strategy. They aren’t too light or too heavy focused in any particular area. They have a solid website, strong social media presence, good local SEO and plenty of positive reviews.

Their website has a very welcoming and friendly design that is good for targeting the family type of demographic they want. The site is easy to navigate to find whatever information a visitor may need. The website looks to be optimized fairly well. There is clear local dentist keyword focus on-page but it doesn’t look spammy. Modern Dental has those beautiful five gold stars on Google which makes them more likely to be clicked than someone without reviews. They are also quite active on Facebook. They post multiple times a month and have a few hundred likes.

Although they are doing well, there is always room for improvement. For Modern Dental, the more links and citations they can get the better. That will be the main way to be on top.