Dust Boss Case Study

“Dust” off your screen. We’re back with another web design and marketing case study. This time we will be covering a dust and odor control systems and solutions business.

Dust Boss recently took a step in the right direction by buying internet marketing services and a brand new website. While the the website is still under construction, they are making sure to do it the right way. They just started their new marketing strategy in the last month or so.

Dust and odor control are both generally business-to-business services. This means marketing must be approached differently than for a business that works with consumers. Internet marketing is generally more of a supplemental piece of the plan rather than a primary source of business. It can be used to strengthen brand equity by providing value in content. Obviously placing ads in the right places and getting to the top of the right search results can net some clients but it isn’t the optimal method for B2B.

As far as the website goes, it should be a fantastic asset in their toolbelt for convincing clients they are worth the business. Having a well designed website can show the legitimacy of the business and provide relevant information that prospective clients need in an easy to access manner. This can be especially important for odor and dust control solutions technology where you might not know exactly what you need or what something does.