Lawn and gardening site case study

This isn’t our typical case study looking at what’s been done to improve someone’s marketing situation. For a lawn,gardening, and construction equipment supplies store in Peoria, Bloomington and Morton IL, we are going to look at what they can do to improve.

To start off, we definitely think the primary need is a new website, for multiple reasons. Aesthetically, it just looks a little outdated. It isn’t very pleasing to the eye. It could definitely use some sprucing up in color and sleekness. Another reason is the user experience. One thing that we quickly noticed when going through website is that it took a ton of clicks through different various product categories and subcategories to actually get to a product that we wanted. Simplification of this process would probably lead to better conversions. The average user doesn’t want to go 7 clicks deep in categories to get to what they want. Updating with a more modern shopping platform would be a great benefit.

Marketing wise – we think the website upgrade is the best thing they can do right now. Other small things may include more link building, citation building and getting reviews. All in all, ┬áposition in digital marketing isn’t bad but it needs some improvement.