Sylvester Family Dental case study

Today we’re going to look at a dentist website. We have entered the dental world before but we looked at a dental lab that sells equipment to dentists, not an actual dentist’s practice. Sylvester Family Dental is a dentist in Bloomington, IL who focuses on cosmetic, family and preventative dentistry. He got a new site a couple of months ago and we’re going to take a look at it and his internet marketing strategy. Check it out for reference

Skip’s site, in our opinion, really does an awesome job in using proper color and typography to appeal to it’s target audience. The cool color green match well with a very friendly font. Since they really want to target families, a welcoming/inviting website is perfect. On top of that, there is the video of skip giving a welcome to the website. Even if it is not played, the thumbnail is still a great picture of him waving and smiling.

The website isn’t very hard to navigate, it is actually pretty simple. That is a good thing. There is also a decent amount of interlinking which can encourage more interaction from the visitor. Each of the pages has a solid amount of on-page content. There’s nothing really overwhelming. The dental services are a bit longer but that’s because people need to know what their getting. The home page and meet the team page are quite a bit shorter, but they provide enough relevant information.

There are some things we think that the website and marketing strategy could use, however. Currently there is no good call-to-action or strong way to convert from the website. There is only the contact information(e-mail,phone) listed but that isn’t usually enough. Some sort of contact form or way to schedule an appointment on the website could be a really strong asset to them. We would also like to see a stronger presence for their local search by getting more reviews. They seem to be key in getting in the 3 pack. Also having those 5 gold stars can really sway people to look at your listing over others without them.