House’s Services case study

Sometimes it can be hard to differentiate yourself from competitors online, especially for a new business who is trying to build its first website. House’s Services was an exciting project to look at because of the unique features on the website along with how it started it’s internet marketing at the same time the website was built.

House’s Services has two distinct features that we don’t really see too often with HVAC websites. The first is an on-page appointment widget that allows visitors to book service right from the homepage. It is really great in terms of user experience. Something like this gives House a competitive advantage over other local HVAC services. Most other businesses like this usually have a very simple contact form or urge you to call in. House’s Services gives the visitor 1 less step to do and makes their life easier.

The second distinct feature on their website is that they display their hourly rate right on the front of the home page. This is another uncommon practice(rare, actually) in an industry such as this. This allows for unqualified leads to immediately be dismissed and saves time. It also saves the consumer the trouble of having to dig for it. They are going to find out eventually anyway, being open and honest about it is a good way to instantly get some trustworthiness/respect from them.

The combination of these two unique features plus a solid website design makes House’s Services a dangerous new competitor for the HVAC industry around Bloomington, IL. On top of these things, they are also getting a headstart on their SEO, SMM, and PPC. In the coming months, we expect to see them rise to success quite quickly and establish themselves firmly as a strong competitor in the area. They should capture a lot of the online market share for HVAC services in Bloomington, IL.