Case Study: Ragle Dental Laboratory

Expanding your local business into different cities and even different states can be more challenging than you think.  Google gives a lot of attention to local businesses so not having a physical address in a city you really want to do business in can be a big task. Marketing and search engine optimization nationally is a difficult mountain to climb and Ragle Dental was putting on their boots and starting that hike.

Ragle Dental Laboratory in Champaign, IL has been in business since 1979.  They are a staple for dental laboratories in Champaign but wanted to spread their reach to other midwest cities including Chicago, IL and St. Louis, MO.  The level of competition in dental laboratories isn’t super high, but spreading across multiple states makes it much more difficult.

Luckily, they started off with a very aesthetically pleasing website with easy navigation and great calls to action.  We just needed to get visitors to the site and the process would be successful.  Website optimization was a big factor in the success of Ragle Dental Laboratory. There were several pages without optimized meta tags and several pages with duplicate content.  Being able to issue a service area that included Dental Laboratory in Chicago, IL and Dental Laboratory in St. Louis, MO was the beginning of their geographic reach.  They started to rank for keywords in nearby cities like Dental Lab Bloomington, IL and Dental Lab Peoria, IL but are still fighting the uphill battle of the major cities.

Overtime Ragle Dental Laboratory will increase even more in the rankings as their website is sufficiently optimized and they have great content to boot.  If you’re looking for a dental laboratory in Illinois visit Ragle Dental Laboratory and receive a free starter kit!

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