Case Study: Americana Animal Hospital

Some companies have had websites for years and know the importance of having a website and a web presence.  Frequently, businesses will have a website created and let it sit stagnant for years without updated information, content, and pictures.  Although your business may have been online with a website from 1997, things have changed.  Staying up to date on your web presence is more important now than ever.

Americana Animal Hospital in Bloomington, Normal IL was one of those situations.  A website had been created in the past and sure people could find it, but did it look professional?  It actually gave off a bad first impression.  There is a high percentage of people who will leave a website immediately if it doesn’t look professionally done.  It was time to switch that around.

A new website was created for American Animal Hospital and brought it into the new year.  A new appointment setting application was created so leads could be tracked online as well as making it easier for current clients to set up an appointment for their beloved pets.  A smooth layout and great color palette immediately brings you in and creates a quicker line of trust.  The contact information is now easier to find for prospective clients and current clients alike.  Although being online is important, you want to make sure to do it correctly!  Check out their website with the link above to see a great example of a strong local website.